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Top 5 Songs from Sing the Sorrow


This month marks the 15 year anniversary of AFI’s masterpiece album “Sing the Sorrow.” I can’t believe it’s been that long! Time flies when you’re bleeding black and dancing through Sunday.

AFI will be heading out on tour with Rise Against later this summer. I’ll be catching the tour at the Armory in Minneapolis, and I couldn’t be more excited. While I patiently count the days until the show, I thought I would break down my top 5 songs from “Sing the Sorrow”.

#5 – Girl’s Not Grey

The debut single from “Sing the Sorrow” was a huge hit. In fact, it was AFI’s third most successful single. With a catchy chorus and memorable hooks, it’s easy to see why the song helped AFI break through to the mainstream and garner thousands of new fans.

#4 – This Celluloid Dream

Any song that begins with an Oh! from Davey is a hit in my book. Plus the backing vocals on this one are phenomenal. When the band played this at their show last July, the crowd sang along to every word.

#3 – The Leaving Song Pt. II

One of the greatest opening tracks I’ve ever heard. The guitars slowly fade in, and the drums crash as if to say “Let the riot begin!” AFI also does a fantastic job capturing the gang vocals, to give the song a fuller sound.

#2 – Dancing Through Sunday

One of the most blistering guitar solos of any AFI song can be found on “Dancing through Sunday.” Don’t believe me? Try playing this song on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. I’ll bet you can’t even beat it on medium!

#1 – Death of Seasons

Death of Seasons has a little bit of everything that I love about AFI, screeching vocals, a catchy chorus, an electronic breakdown, and awesome lyrics. I really love the tempo changes as Davey moves from screams to a clean chorus and back to a melon collie scream outro. “It won’t be alright, despite what they say, just watch stars tonight, as they disappear, disintegrate” That’s deep stuff right there.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Songs from Sing the Sorrow! Catch AFI with Rise Against on tour this summer, and let me know your Top 5 AFI Songs from Sing the Sorrow by leaving a comment below!

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Written by Spencer Fleming


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