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Yelawolf Pops His Trunk at Sokol


Southern hip hop artist Yelawolf made a stop in Omaha Wednesday (11/20) and things got crazy!

I’ve been familiar with Yelawolf’s music for a long time, but this was my first time seeing him live. I wasn’t really sure what to expect going in, but I can tell you after seeing this show I’ll never miss another one when he comes through the Midwest.

Yelawolf is on tour in support of his brand new album Ghetto Cowboy, which, as the title suggests, is a unique mix of dirty south hip hop with a country twist. In a sea of mumble rappers and trap stars, Yelawolf sticks out in the best way possible.

As I waited in the photo pit for the show to start “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd played over the house speakers. The crowd loudly sang along as they waited for the man of the hour. As the song ended, the crowd chanted “Yelawolf!, Yelawolf!” The curtain opened  and the Ghetto Cowboy himself stepped forth. Sliding out in red cowboy boots, saggy ripped jeans and an Alabama windbreaker, Yelawolf looked really slick as he busted out his first bass bumping tune.

As for Yelawolf’s stage set up, I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing! To the left and right of the stage were giant stacks of speakers. In the center was a DJ table made from the back end of a Chevy Monte Carlo! I’ve seen some crazy stages set ups in my time, but this one was absolutely incredible. I mean, it’s a simple concept really, but the fact that I had never seen anything like it before had me floored! At first, I thought the speakers were just stage props, but the bass was so loud it hit my chest and rattled my whole body. Maybe they were real! Either way, it was completely insane and I loved it.

Yelawolf kept a pretty good pace giving the crowd bass pumping hits to keep the energy up. About a third of the way through the show Yelawolf tried to slow things down with a mellow tune. During the song there was a bit of a scuffle in the front row. Yelawolf asked the security to stop messing with the fans and said “They’re ok, they’ll work it out. Please step aside, you’re messing up my show. I’ll get in there if they don’t knock it off.” A few seconds later, Yelawolf jumps into the crowd to try and break it up “Hey y’all, chill out!” The crowd was still wrestling pretty hard so Yelawolf jumped back on stage and said “That’s it, drop “Catfish Billy.” Ya’ll want to get crazy?” The song was really aggressive so the crowd went nuts! A giant circle pit opened up and the whole place was thrashing around to the super fast beat. Luckily, I had moved to the balcony at this point or I would’ve been pummeled.

Later in the set Yelawolf played ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy” over a loud, fast metal beat and Pantera’s “Walk” over a hip hop beat. It was cool to see the mixture of genres working so well. Everyone in the place seemed to know the words to both songs, so it makes sense why Yelawolf appeals to his audience so well. He walks the line between hip hop and rock so perfectly and has fun doing it.

Shortly after the medley, Yelawolf spoke to the crowd about his recent marriage. “Being married to someone who’s on the road constantly can be a real challenge.” “Luckily, I married my best friend.” Yelawolf went on to explain that his crew’s bus broke down so they rented a truck and towed all of their stuff to the venue. “When we had to rent the truck my wife jumped in and drove, because that’s what best friends do.” It was an awesome moment to witness.


To get things pumped back up Yelawolf asked the crowd “Do you like Trunk Muzik?” The crowd screamed in anticipation. “I said, do you like Trunk Muzik?” Again, the crowd went wild. All of a sudden the trunk of the Monte Carlo opened and lights and fog came pouring out. It was so freakin cool!! Yelawolf played his hit “Pop the Trunk.” and the crowd was bouncing from front to back.

Yelawolf played another couple hits including “I Just Wanna Party” and his new single which is really making moves “Opie Taylor.” Before the final song Yelawolf asked the crowd “How many of you have the new album Ghetto Cowboy?” Many fans raised their hands, some even holding a copy of the CD. “I want you guys to do me a favor.” “Go home and bootleg that thing, make like 20 copies and give them to someone who doesn’t have it yet.” The crowd cheered like crazy as Yelawolf proceeded to close out the set with the title track to Ghetto Cowboy.

As the curtain closed and the house lights came on the fans started making their way to the doors. All around, folks were smiling and saying “That was the best show!”

I couldn’t agree more.

A huge thanks goes out to Yelawolf’s management for the photo access. Full gallery can be found below.

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